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Crews in La Cygne working to finalize yearlong sewer project

LA CYGNE – A post on the city of La Cygne’s Facebook page this week has a somewhat unusual warning of unexpected disturbances in the city’s sewer system over the next few days.

The warning to residents: Make sure to keep your toilet seat lids closed and place wet towels over floor and sink drains. It’s a warning the city has made before when the video crews were making a recording of the sewer system, mainly to cut down on odors that occur during the process, according to Deputy City Clerk Jenn Vogt.

The warning comes this time as the crew begins its final inspection of the city’s newly renovated sewer system. The crew will begin making recordings of the pipes on Thursday and Friday, April 27-28, and again on Monday and Tuesday, May 1-2.

The video recording is just one of the steps that needs to be taken as crews end their work after La Cygne residents have had to deal with torn up streets, alleys and yards during the yearlong project.

The other sign that the end of the project is near is that crews have begun repairing streets torn up during the course of the project. Street repairs are expected to continue through the weekend and are expected to be complete on Monday.

City officials are also asking residents to report work that is left unfinished on the project. That might include an alleyway that has not been graded off or a pile of dirt left from the excavation.

The city is collecting that information, which will be used with officials from project contractor Nowak Construction Co. to create a punch list of items left undone.

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