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Oath of office administered to policeman and support dog

La Cygne Officer Achilles Ferrell reads his oath of office as Police Chief Tina Fenoughty, left, and Mayor Debra Wilson look on. (Photos by Roger Sims/Linn County Journal)

LA CYGNE – Despite not enough members present to make the necessary quorum to conduct business, the two La Cygne city councilmen who did attend were witness to a policeman and a police support dog taking the oath of office on Wednesday, July 19.

A recent graduate of the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center, newly minted La Cygne Police Officer Achilles Ferrell was sworn in by Mayor Debra Wilson as councilmen Thomas Capp and Keith Stoker looked on.

Several of Ferrell’s family members attended the swearing-in ceremony as did law enforcement personnel from Linn Valley and Pleasanton.

Angel, the La Cygne Police Department's emotional support dog, rises to the occasion as Mayor Wilson reads the document commissioning the dog as an officer.

Angel, the police department’s support dog, also was sworn in by Wilson. The dog is a constant companion with Police Chief Tina Fenoughty as she patrols the streets of La Cygne, and several people in the audience came to witness her being commissioned as an officer.

At a council meeting earlier this month, Fenoughty asked that the dog be commissioned as a police officer. She said that would make any attempt to harm the dog a felony rather than a misdemeanor.

Also recognized was Linn County Sheriff’s Deputy Colton Carbon. Carbon has served as a part-time police officer for the city in addition to his duties as deputy for the county. He has been hired by the Wyoming Highway Patrol.

The unofficial meeting recessed for a few minutes for a reception honoring the officers before resuming.

Deputy Kolton Carbon was honored by Chief Fenoughty and Mayor Wilson for his service as a part-time officer for the city.

Following the break, Wilson talked about the Blast in the Park event on July 8, seeking input from Stoker and Capp as well.

The mayor thanked Jenn Vogt, deputy city clerk, for her organization of the event, the fire and police departments for their help, the vendors, and the fireworks company. She also thanked City Clerk Jodi Wade and Treasurer Connie Gore for directing parking and collecting donations.

She said $630 was collected at the gate, and sponsors donated $1,350. She also said that the petting zoo and bounce houses were a big hit and that feedback on the fireworks display was excellent.

To make her commission complete, Angel was given a badge to wear on her harness.

Capp said everyone did a fantastic job in making the event successful, but he suggested that a Fourth of July parade be added to the activities. He also suggested that high school students could help park cars to raise money for after-prom.

Stoker agreed that additional activities were needed.

Wilson suggested that parking for the handicapped and better parking for vendors be made available. She also suggested moving more vendors by the open shelter and using a trailer for a stage for the musicians.

The council also discussed the long wait lines for the two food trucks that were at the event. The lines stretched across the parking lot, and people had to spend a considerable amount of time waiting to order.

Wilson also suggested that, because the Blast in the Park was a city-sponsored event, city staff shouldn’t be expected to volunteer to help without pay. She said it is a different matter if they volunteer to help out at a chamber of commerce event, but they should be paid because they are working for the city.

In other business, Wade said that the study of the operation of the water plant is nearing completion. Last year the council in a workshop indicated it would support improvements in the water plant including optimizing the size of all equipment in the plant for maximum capacity and building a large underground water storage tank.

Both of those improvements are expected to be necessary once Linn Valley’s new water system, now under construction, is complete.

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