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Pleasanton council approves raises for street, parks supervisors

PLEASANTON – The Pleasanton City Council on Monday, March 4, followed through on its discussion from its Feb. 20 meeting by approving raises for the newly designed supervisor of streets and parks and recreation supervisor.

In February, the council voted to divide the city’s Public Works Department into the three departments.

Joey Morrisey, who has been supervisor for Public Works was tasked with focusing on the water and sewer operations. Morrisey holds certifications in water plant and waste water operations. He will maintain his current salary.

City Administrator Becky Hegwald said the council’s decision to divide the department came from concern that Morrisey had too many different aspects of city maintenance to manage, which drew him in too many directions.

“He was spread so thin; we’re just trying to streamline things,” Hegwald said in a interview on Thursday.

The council last month voted to put John Harrington in charge of streets and Mike Kershner in charge of parks and recreation.

Hegwald said those workers were well suited for their new posts. Harrington has experience with the Linn County Road and Bridge Department, and Kershner earned a degree in parks and recreation management.

The council approved a 75-cent-per-hour raise for the two men now and another 75-cent-an-hour raise for after they work in their new posts for 90 days.

The council also approved hiring Kayleann Harrington for pool manager this summer for a salary of $12.50 per hour. 

In her recommendation to hire her, Hegwald pointed out that she was assistant manager for the 2023 season and had done a very good job. Hegwald said that there had been several applications for assistant manager as well as applications from a couple of new potential lifeguards.

Hegwald said she would wait until Kayleann was back for spring break so she could be in on the interviews for the assistant manager and new lifeguards. Hegwald also said she anticipated rehiring any lifeguards from the 2023 season who wanted to work again this year without interviewing them.

At the request of Police Chief Tristan Snider, the council approved creating the position of sergeant in the police department and promoting Officer Ivan Squire to that position. Sgt. Squire will also receive a 75-cent-per-hour raise now and a similar raise after 90 days at his new post.

In other business, council:

  • Approved the employee computer and internet policy. The policy lists what employees are allowed to use their computers or tablets for and what they may not do as well. Hegwald pointed out that the council now has tablets that are subject to those policies.

  • Was reminded that the council will have a workshop on Thursday, March 14, to go over the updated code book.

  • Heard a concern by resident Pat Huntley that the police office was slow to respond to calls made by his family.

Written reports from city staff to the council included:

  • A report from Snider outlining February statistics for the police department. Ten arrests by officers included five for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, two drug arrests, and one aggravated burglary and aggravated battery arrest. He said his officers assisted the sheriff’s office in a child pornography case and seven other cases that involved children.

  • A report by Morrisey that warm temperatures in February were causing algae to begin growing in the East Lake. He said preparations are being made for an early treatment with manganese to address the problem.

  • Hegwald made suggestions of several activities that could take place in conjunction with the city’s fireworks display at Stegge Lake west of the school complex. The council last month voted to hire Wald Fireworks to do the fireworks show this year for nearly $8,000. She said the event was scheduled for June 29 and offered a community dinner, free swimming at the pool, a July 4th prince and princess, kids games and a baby contest as some possibilities to add to the appeal of the event.

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