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Prairie View's prom-goers brave breezy cold to attend the dance

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

Emmaleigh Pettey and Anthony Pate were among the first to arrive at Saturday's prom at Prairie View.

Photo essay by Roger Sims, Journal staff

Crowds turned out at Prairie View High School on Saturday evening to watch seniors, juniors and their dates arrive during the walk-in for prom.

Last year's prom was extremely windy, undoing coifed styles as soon as the young women exited their rides. This year was not as windy, but the breezy 40-degree conditions prompted many of the hundred spectators to wear winter coats for the walk-in.

Alex Knight appears to float into prom riding a Segway-like hoverboard.

Others took advantage of the warmth of the school's performing arts center where a prop festooned with balloons was a backdrop for singles, couples and groups to be announced after they entered the building.

Once inside, the party-goers walked down the stairs into the small gym on the lower level that was decorated to reflect the "A Night in Vegas" theme of this year's event. And even as the prom-goers gathered to talk or dance on the floor, on the floor above, parents and volunteers carried in supplies for the after-prom party in the cafeteria.

A group of stylishly dressed prom-goers commute to the walk-in riding in the bed of a vintage Ford Ranchero.

Mayla Eastwood, from left, Mia Norton, Mariah Eastwood and Lily Eastwood took advantage of the warmth of the indoor walk-in, clapping enthusiastically as each arrival was announced.

Cole Holler and Jenna Thompson arrived in a vintage '67 Oldsmobile 442.

Below are more photos from the event. Feel free to click on any of the photos for a larger view. Feel free to save for your personal use.

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