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Linn Valley turns out large for Independence Day parade

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Vitus Aargaard wears the colors of the U.S. flag across his face in the parade. Aargaard, a resident of Denmark, was at Linn Valley visiting friends. (Photos by Roger Sims/Linn County Journal)

It's not surprising that the annual Independence Day parade at Linn Valley is the largest parade in the county. With officials estimating that the city's population swells to an estimated 5,000 people during the holiday weekend, many of those who are permanent residents and those who weekend at the lake development seem to enjoy this celebration of the nation's independence.

An array of vehicles, from side-by-sides to golf carts to motorcycles to custom cars, are tricked out in red, white, and blue for a cruise from Bath House No. 2 to the Linn Valley Lakes clubhouse.

Residents and visitors lined the streets around the Linn Valley Lakes clubhouse to watch neighbors and friends wheel by.

This rod, custom-built by Vester Gillette, was one of several interesting additions to the parade.

Linn County Fair queen candidate Rees Chapman waves to onlookers as she rides in her second parade of the day. She was in the parade at Blue Mound on Saturday morning.

The parade may have been a total snooze for this infant. Protected in a car seat with headphones to eliminate the noise, this youngster slept through the excitement.

The parade was a hayride for this group.

Parade scenes

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