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Senior center sold, push on to finish new center in 45 days

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

The former church building that has served as the Pleasanton Senior Center will have new ownership soon. The new owner plans to divide the building into apartments as well as opening a discount appliance store there. (File photo)

MOUND CITY – The Linn County Commission on Monday, Sept. 18, accepted a $60,000 cash offer from a buyer for the former senior center in Pleasanton. Realtor Brandon McGinnis brokered the sale for the county.

McGinnis said that the buyer wanted to put in apartments, some storage and sell some appliances from there. The contract called for the sale to close within 45 days.

In a meeting later that day with the Pleasanton City Council, McGinnis said the buyer would bring a business that would offer appliances at up to 50% off of retail price, including appliances that had scratches or dents.

He said the business would be a good fit for the community.

At the commission meeting, there was concern whether the new senior center would be ready in 45 days because the one that was sold is still being used to prepare lunches. Changing the time on the contract was discussed. McGinnis said that while he thought this buyer might agree to changing the date, the buyer had already signed the contract.

“Any time you counter or modify an offer, you take a risk,” said McGinnis.

The commissioners discussed the time it might take to get the needed restaurant license for the new building and also the approval of the East Central Kansas Area Agency on Aging (ECKAAA) who provides the meal service.

Commissioner Jason Hightower who is the county’s representative on the ECKAAA board said that they were in favor of upgrading to the new center.

The commissioners voted unanimously to sign the contract for the 45-day sale. Since some of the work is being done by Southeastern Technical Academy for Rural Students (STARS), remodeling may take a little longer. The commissioners will work on options for the senior meals if the building is not ready in 45 days.

Some of the options include using the Pleasanton Community Building, the senior housing building, or delivering the meals to their home for a short time.

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