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150th Cadmus Grange event much like the first

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

Cadmus 4-H president Cole Holler jams on his banjo with Cowboy Band members, Paul Stamper on the fiddle and Gale Siebert on the guitar at the 150th anniversary celebration of the Cadmus Grange on Saturday, July 22. (Photos by Roger Sims/Linn County Journal)

.Members of the Cadmus Grange celebrated its 150th anniversary on Saturday much in the same way the community celebrated it when it was founded on July 21, 1873. While the Cadmus community is not as large as it was 150 years ago, the anniversary celebration was reminiscent of celebration of its founding when neighbors got together to visit, eat, listen to music, play games ,and eat some more.

The plaque from the National Grange commemorating the Cadmus Grange's 150th year.

Janice Gatlin, right, talks to Theresa Tollett about the history of the Cadmus Grange while others visit in the hall.

Marcella Troth and Brody Wilcox participate in the cornhole tournament.

This group of kids are entranced by the live music of the Cowboy Band.

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