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Adult prom to raise funds for school lunches set for Saturday

PLEASANTON – During the height of the COVID pandemic, schools across the country received money so that they could feed all children without charge. As the urgency of the pandemic subsided, so did the money for those free meals.

However, as schools began charging for meals again, many schools have reported that parents are not filling out the paperwork so that their children will receive free or reduced-price lunches based on family income. As a result, school lunch debt has risen.

While schools are working to get parents to once again apply for free and reduced-price lunches, Pleasanton resident Kayleigh England and her friends are looking to pay off some of that student debt.

To do that her group is sponsoring an adult prom with the Halloween theme “Wicked Step Back in Time” this Saturday evening, Oct. 21, at the Pleasanton Community Center at 819 Main Street in Pleasanton.

England said that the preliminary ticket sales for the event have already raised about $1200, $400 for each of the three school districts in Linn County. However, she is hoping to attract more people to the 21-and-older event.

The adult prom will be much like the high school proms, just with an older crowd, she said. So far more than 40 couples have signed up as well as a few singles. A paid guest list will be checked at the door, wrist bands will be handed out, and to make sure everyone meets the minimum age requirement, IDs will be checked.

Like the high school proms, the dress can range from cowgirl chic to formal dresses for women and nice jeans and shirt to tuxedos for the men.

“This is a formal event, so dress as you would a high school prom!,” England posted on the event’s Facebook page. “This is required! There will be prizes, king and queen and so much more!

The event begins at 6 p.m. with a chance to mingle both in the building as well as outside. Ninth Street will be blocked off just south of the building to give party-goers more room, England said.

At 6:45 p.m. the taco bar opens. Attendees can also choose pulled pork and cole slaw for dinner, and a cheese fountain with hors d’oeuvres will be served. Party-goers can bring their own alcoholic drinks, however, glass bottles are prohibited, she said.

Jenn Vogt with Barefoot Lifestyle Photography will be on hand to take formal pictures of the guests as well as candids throughout the evening.

Music will be provided be a DJ until the event closes down at midnight.

“We just wanted to do something for the community,” England said. “This is a good way to bring the community together.”

The price this week is $40 per couple and $20 for singles.

“This is to help us pay for décor, food, and drinks,” said England on the event page. “Please reach out to either myself, Renee Clemens, Trianna Todd, Kalsie Lindsey or Krista Roberts to set up payment for the tickets.”

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