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Area teams compete at Prairie View cross country meet

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

Jayhawk runner Dillon Champlin keeps pace for a third-place finish in the boys varsity race. (Photos by Roger Sims, Linn County Journal)

Teams from the three Linn County school districts competed in the Prairie View High School Ramsey Invitational cross country meet on Thursday, Sept. 21.

Even without its fastest runner, the Prairie View girls team took first place in the varsity event. And while the seven Lady Buffalo runners ran well, a first-place finish was a foregone conclusion because none of the other four other teams had enough runners for a team score.

Prairie View freshman Laramie Stevens turned in a first-place finish on the 5,000-meter course with a time of 22:36.12 followed by her teammate, junior Wylie Teagarden with a second-place time of 23:03.20.

Members of Prairie View's winning girls team include, from left, Kelsie Konitzer, Wylie Teagarden, Laramie Stevens, Cheyanne Moss, Kayla Gorostiza, and (not pictured) Ryleigh Lueker and Kally Stroup.

The Buffalo’s Bree Allen did not race at the school’s home meet because she was scheduled to run at the Rim Rock Classic in Lawrence on Saturday.

Other finishers for Prairie View included Cheyanne Moss, eighth place; Kelsie Konitzer, 10th; Ryleigh Lueker, 12th; Kally Stroup, 14th; and Kayla Gorostiza, 16th.

Two competitors from Jayhawk-Linn also ran in the girls varsity race. Brylee Doleshal placed ninth with a time of 25:17.37, and Adison Randall placed 18th.

In the boys varsity race, Jayhawk runner Dillon Champlin placed third with a time of 19:15.32. Champlin’s teammate Simon Shillito turned in a ninth-place finish and Louis Shillito placed 14th.

Jayhawk's Brylee Doleshal keeps her pace about 3,000 meters into the race.

Prairie View’s Mason Mitzner was the top finisher for the Buffalo with a time of 20:41.39 for 15th place. His teammate Matthew Stolle finished 18th.

For the Pleasanton Blu-Jays, DJ Meik placed 19th with a time of 20:58.50.

Prairie View's Matthew Stolle and Pleasanton's DJ Meik grind out the final 100 meters of the course.

Here are the results for the other races:

Boys Junior Varsity 5,000 meter

Benton Stainbrook, Prairie View - 8th place

Colton Bartlett, Prairie View - 16th place

Benson Meik, Pleasanton – 19th place

Kei-Mahni Davis, Pleasanton – 22nd place

Aaron West, Prairie View – 28th place

Coawen David, Jayhawk – 34th place

Girls Junior Varsity 5,000 meter

Ella McCammon, Prairie View – 6th place

Ella Steinle, Prairie View – 7th place

Timberlyn Browning, Prairie View – 8th place

Quinn Browning, Prairie View – 14th place

Boys Eighth Grade 2 mile run

Daniel Brake, Jayhawk – 2nd place

Bracken Malin, Prairie View – 4th place

Jayden Mayhugh, Jayhawk – 5th place

Gavin Lawson, Pleasanton – 12th place

Caleb Green, Jayhawk – 13th place

Cooper Lanham, Jayhawk – 17th place

Girls Eighth Grade 2 mile run

Allie Thomas, Jayhawk – 2nd place

Gabby Parsons, Jayhawk – 4th place

Haelie Wallace, Jayhawk – 9th place

Alayna McCarty, Jayhawk – 10th place

Baileigh Lister, Pleasanton – 20th place

Hazel Vaughn, Jayhawk – 21st place

Boys Seventh Grade 2 mile run

Martin Shillito, Jayhawk – 1st place

Ryland Summers, Jayhawk – 3rd place

Cooper Watson, Prairie View – 4th place

Cade Jones, Prairie View – 7th place

Oxley Luehrs, Prairie View – 12th place

Ryan Stolle, Prairie View – 14th place

Girls Seventh Grade 2 mile run

Juanita Velez-Guillermo, Prairie View – 3rd place

Josie Wade, Jayhawk – 5th place

Lilly Petric, Prairie View – 7th place

Marley Johnson, Prairie View – 10th place

Maddy Decker, Prairie View – 11th place

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