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Holiday greetings from the Linn County Journal

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

By Roger Sims, Publisher

First, we hope that you are having a joyful Christmas holiday with your friends and family. And as we look forward to what 2024 will bring, our wish is that it will be a fulfilling and successful year for you and your family.

Since we are just a few days from ending another calendar year, I thought I would take some time to thank the people that make the Linn County Journal possible. Depending on how you look at it, the list is long or the list is short.

I could go down the list of people who have supported the Journal, including writers, photographers, and people from all walks of life that submitted items. We especially want to thank those who have appreciated our efforts and supported us by making a donation or purchasing advertising.

The list of those people would be long.

For our short list, we could simply say that we are thankful for you. You, the reader that checks out our website on a regular basis. You, the reader who subscribes to our print edition. You, the reader that subscribes to our email list. You, the reader that follows our Facebook page.

The number of Journal readers continues to grow. We like to think that is because we look at the story behind the headlines. We attend city council and school board meetings, check out county commission meetings and then we go to work to find out why a decision has been made and what it means.

We also include stories on state and regional issues written by the award-winning Kansas Reflector writers and the Kansas News Service journalists from across the region.

Or maybe readers like us because of our opinion pieces. We report the news as objectively as we can, but we’re not afraid to take a stand on local issues, particularly those that will benefit the direction of the county. And we are open to publishing articles from other writers who give us their fact-based opinions on state and regional issues. We are also not afraid to publish letters and articles that differ from our editorial stance.

Readers will note that the link to directly comment on our stories is disabled, and in the era of social media that’s an anomaly. Frankly, we don’t need more Facebook-style rants that may or may not be based on facts. That’s why we encourage readers with an informed opinion to send us a letter, either in email or paper form and complete with contact information, to express their thoughts on whatever issue is on their mind.

We do rely on feedback and tips from our readers, though. We are open to comments like, “You could do better on this…” or “We wish you would cover this…” Of course, we like the positive comments as well. So even if you don’t want to write a letter, send us an email to to let us know how we are doing.

Our goal is to use our extensive experience in local journalism to provide the best local coverage. 

With your support, we look forward to our continuing coverage of issues and events in Linn County in 2024. 

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