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City, county closer in talks over Pleasanton Senior Center

A new set of proposals between Pleasanton officials and the county could pave the way for the Pleasanton Senior Center's operations to be moved the the city's community center. (Journal file photo)

MOUND CITY – At the end of the Linn County Commission meeting on Monday, Dec. 19, Commissioner Danny McCullough reported on the Pleasanton Senior Center.

McCullough said that the county’s proposal that he went in with was shut down by the Pleasanton City Council. He said he did not know what the hiccup on it was exactly.

He said that what he heard was that the city shouldn’t have to pick up the cost for the meals-on-wheels program. The Pleasanton center is a hub for distributing meals to shut-ins across the county.

The commissioner approached the Pleasanton City Council earlier this month to follow up on a proposal to move the Pleasanton Senior Center from the older former church it now occupies to the recently built Pleasanton Community Center at Ninth and Main streets.

Commissioners have been mulling over whether to make needed repairs to the current center or looking at moving it to a new facility like the community center. Commissioners offered to give the current center to the city in exchange for using an area of the community center for the program.

Pleasanton council members declined the initial offer, citing several reasons. At least one council member said the center should be kept where it is, a sentiment that many who use the center are reportedly inclined to agree with.

At Monday's meeting, Commissioner Rick James said that the county had offered to pay for the electrical and the separate meter on the wall.

McCullough said that Pleasanton Councilman Jake Mattingley sent him the conditions that might be accepted by the city. They were:

• The city did not want to make a 40-year contract with the county, only a 10-year contract.

• The city does not want the old building.

• The city wants the county to be responsible for all changes to the utility meter, all changes to the heating and cooling system needed to keep the building separate.

• The county would be responsible for cleaning the two bathrooms, kitchen, dining area used plus the restroom.

• The city wants either $250 per month or $3,000 year from the county for upkeep and maintenance.

McCullough said that he would get with Pleasanton City Administrator Teresa Whitaker this week to try to get the details figured out.

“Get us something to look at, that’s what I would like to see, and at least we can negotiate if we have something,” said Commission Chair Jim Johnson.

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