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Commission accepts used cabinets for 4-H building on split vote

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

By Charlene Sims,

MOUND CITY – The Linn County Commissioners voted 2 to 1 to accept cabinets from the Marais des Cygne Extension District’s Mound City office and spend up to $3,000 for new sinks and cabinet tops at the 4-H building. Commissioner Jim Johnson voted against the motion.

On Oct. 2, the Mound City Extension office moved to 425 Main St. while its offices at 115 S. Sixth St. are being remodeled.

Last week when Shaun West presented this offer, they asked that the director of the Extension Office, Abbie Powell, come in and explain this to them.

Powell explained to the commissioners that the extension office managed the 4-H building as far as scheduling and worked with the county public works department as getting repairs that needed to be done.

Powell told to the commissioners that the the kitchen at the extension office was being remodeled, and she wanted to know if the county would like to have the 8-year-old cabinets that had been taken out during the remodel.

Powell explained that they would like to donate the cabinets to the county for the

4-H building to update the kitchen there. The county would have to put in countertops, plumbing and bring the sinks up to date with a three-compartment sink. Powell estimated that the cost would be about $3,000 and would be taken from the county’s 4-H building budget capital outlay fund.

Powell said that the majority of the cost would be the three-compartment sink.

Commission Chair Danny McCullough asked Powell to come in and talk next year before budget time to update the commission on their plans.

She told the commissioners that as of the end of August, the only thing they had really spent money on was the cleaning of the building and they had spent about $15,000 of their $29,000 budget.

Johnson wanted to know why the extension district did not bring this up before instead of just dropping it on the commissioners. He said that would have given the commission time to talk it over.

Powell said that this was something they had not planned on, and when the old cabinets were taken out, it was a choice of destroying them or giving them away.

County Clerk David Lamb told the commissioners that there was $5,000 in the capital outlay budget for 2023 and none of it had been spent.

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