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Commission discusses changes needed to use former court building for county offices

With the opening of the new Justice Center, the former judicial building will be remodeled to house the county appraiser's and mapping offices. (File photo)

MOUND CITY – On Monday, Sept. 21, Linn County Commissioner Danny McCullough gave the other commissioners a layout for changes needed in the old district court building in order for the appraiser’s office and the mapping department to move in. He also gave recommendations for improvements needed on the main courthouse.

McCullough said that the only significant changes for the district court building were to build two walls and to lower the tile ceiling. He said there would have to be some demolition to remove the jury stands.

One wall would need to be removed in the area destined to be the appraisers’s office, a door would need to be widened, and some miscellaneous tuckpointing was needed on the exterior of the building.

McCullough will turn over the plans to Public Works Director Shaun West so he can go out for bids on it.

Then, McCullough brought up improvements that needed to be made to the main courthouse building. He said to start, adding a new HVAC system to the whole building was needed. After finding out what kind of changes need to be made for the HVAC, McCullough said he would check with the historical preservation people about any concerns.

Other items that needed to be worked on in the courthouse are the brick on the exterior back wall and the electrical.

“I’m surprised with the electrical that’s ran through there, and then we run A/C that’s 110 and 220 (volts) to every single room, it’s a wonder that we are not flipping breakers every day,” said McCullough.

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