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Commission updates bylaw of economic development board

MOUND CITY – The Linn County Commissioners approved a resolution which updated by-laws and term limits of the Linn County Economic Development Committee on Tuesday, Jan 17. They then approved the appointment of committee members.

Linn County Economic Development Director Jessica Hightower presented the names and term limits of the committee members explaining that each commissioner district had three members with staggered terms. Each member will serve three-year terms after their first appointment. They are:

Commission District #1

Tiffany Nelson, Linn Valley, one-year term

Russell Pope, La Cygne, two-year term

Janell Aust, La Cygne, three-year term

Commission District #2

Elaine Jaeger, Mound City, one-year term

Josh Baldwin, Mound City, two-year term

Teresa Whitaker, Prescott, three-year term

Commission District #3

Matt Akes, Parker, one-year term

Jennifer Leach, Mound City, two-year term

Trent Johnson, Centerville, three-year term

Each committee member will serve two three-year terms and then will be required to leave but can rejoin the committee in six years.

The by-laws included the term rules, including that if a member missed three meetings out of the last 12 without giving notice, they would be off of the committee.

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