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County officials to attend state conference in December

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

MOUND CITY – At the Monday, Oct. 30, Linn County Commission meeting, the commissioners finalized plans for attending the Kansas Association of Counties (KAC) meeting Dec. 5–7 in Wichita.

Commissioners Jim Johnson and Jason Hightower confirmed that they were going. Commission Chair Danny McCullough said that he planned on going but did not confirm because he said he would have to wait to see how his work for his contracting company were progressing at that time.

The commissioners moved that Hightower would be the delegate to the Kansas County KCAMP and KWORK meetings and County Clerk David Lamb would be the delegate. They also moved that Hightower would be the delegate to the main KAC meeting and Johnson would be the first delegate and Lamb would be the second delegate.

In other business, the commissioners:

• Heard from Airport Manager Jessica Hightower that she had reached out to the aviation department of the Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) about questions the commission had about selling or leasing the airport. She said she had not yet heard back from them and would contact them again.

• Learned from Public Works Director Shaun West that the county annex building roof had leaked during the heavy rains last week. West told the commissioners that the county needed to take steps to repair or replace the roof.

West said that Planning and Zoning Director Darin Wilson had done a temporary patch on the roof. They discussed the possibility of installing a metal roof on the building.

The commissioners asked West to get bids on the existing type roof and also a metal roof.

• Approved doing extra ground work on corner of 1100 and Scott roads as the county removed trees that were blocking the line of sight for vehicles at the intersection. Some trees will have to be ground up and not pushed out because there is a water line that could be impacted along that road.

• Heard the bids for drainage culverts but will not make a decision until West has qualified the bids. The bids were for 46 culverts of different sizes from:

  • J & J Drainage Products, Hutchinson, for $43,448 for metal culverts;

  • Metal Culverts Inc., Jefferson City, Mo., based on linear feet and bands, there is no total amount;

  • Poly Systems Inc., Steelville, Mo., for $101,142 for metal;

  • Olathe Winwater, $75,682 for metal;

  • Welborn Sales Inc., Salina, $58,627 for plastic and $40,626 for metal, with the understanding that delivery will be two to four weeks after order is placed.

• Allowed West to seek bids on road salt.

• Approved LT Leon Associates Inc., an engineering company for the pipeline company, to put place posts in the right of way to mark the pipeline. They will place five of them for safety purposes that the pipeline is there. The company plans on developing an engineering plan so the pipeline will be deeper.

• Approved signing the grants and paperwork for the transportation grants for public transportation after hearing a report from Public Works Office Manager Joyce Hall about the transportation vehicles and grants.

• Approved a zoning change from residential to commercial for Triple C Hookups Recreation Area and Campground, Pleasanton, and then a conditional-use permit so they could install an overnight campground for people traveling through with horses and a building for stalls and storing hay.

• Heard a concern from resident Joe Karhoff that his water line was cut by a company putting in broadband lines. He said that it cost him $2,500 to have the line fixed and the broadband company said they would not pay because his water line was in the county right of way. The commissioners directed Karhoff to speak with West about the company.

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