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County to set up pump for livestock water on fairgrounds

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

Linn County Commissioners approve pumping water from Little Sugar Creek to provide livestock producer with water during the drought. (File photo)

MOUND CITY – On Tuesday, Sept. 5, the Linn County Commissioners authorized county Public Works Director Shaun West to set up a cattle water station at the fairgrounds for farmers to draw water from Little Sugar Creek for watering their cattle.

West will have a pump on a trailer set up there so water can be pumped from the creek. West told the commissioners that he would notify the farmers that he knew used it the last time during dry weather.

Commissioner Jim Johnson suggested that they put up a sign saying that it was not potable water.

County Counselor Gary Thompson said that last year he had talked with the water resource people and they had no problem with it.

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