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Courtwarming queen and king crowned in delayed ceremony

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

The Prairie View 2023 Courtwarming court included seniors, from left, Garrison Akes, Allee Sombatchareun, Rhett Willey, Abby Kirkpatrick, king Garrett Pinkerton, queen Jenna Thompson, Dayton Klein, and Addison Bloodgood. (Photos by Roger Sims/Linn County Journal)

The 2023 Prairie View Courtwarming ceremony had a couple of snags that put it late into the evening. First, one of the candidates wasn't able to make it for the scheduled crowning during the men's basketball halftime during the game with the Osawatomie Trojans.

Next was the game itself. Quadruple overtime. The Buffalos, down 13-6 early in the game, tied the game at the end of regulation on a free throw, then managed to sink clutch shots over the course of three overtime periods before succumbing to the Trojans.

By that time, many of the fans, including Prairie View's, had left, but the crowning went forward with seniors Jenna Thompson and Garrett Pinkerton being dubbed queen and king respectively.

Prairie View seniors Jenna Thompson and Garrett Pinkerton were crowned 2023 Courtwarming queen and king following the mens' varsity game on Friday night.

Crown-bearers for the ceremony were Rachel Konda and Rhett Madden.

Royalty candidate Garrison Akes and Allee Sombatchareun are introduced to the audience.

Royalty candidate Dayton Klein walks with Addison Bloodgood as they are introduced.

King candidate Rhett Willey escorts Jenna Thompson.

Royalty candidates Garrett Pinkerton and Abby Kirkpatrick are introduced.

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