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Economic development director outlines museum funding procedure

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Dressed in period clothing, Jayhawk-Linn Junior High history teacher Jeana Brownback patrols the one-room schoolhouse at the Mound City Historical Society's park. Her seventh-grade class visited the park earlier this spring to learn about area history. (Journal file photo)

By Charlene Sims,

MOUND CITY – The five historical societies in Linn County that receive county funds are expected to receive forms this week for budget requests for 2025. The commission earlier this summer decided to change the way funds are distributed to those five organizations, all of which operate museums, and on Monday, June 24, learned about the process

“In the past there have been five museums that you have given $8,000 a year for a total of $40,000, Jessica Hightower told the commissioners.“This year, the commission has created a subcommittee of economic development to take budget requests from each museum to try and determine how they are spending those funds and how much they would need because we are getting feedback from them that it is not enough.”

Hightower, whose hats include assistant public works director, economic development director, and airport manager had oversight of historical budgets given to her when commissioners decided to begin reconsidering budgets for those organizations.

She noted that she had sent a budget request form for the commissioners to review. The request form would be completed by the museums to receive funding from the county. After it was filled out, it would be reviewed by the subcommittee of county economic development committee members.

Once the economic development committee had its recommendations, those would be given to the county commission to approve.

Commissioner approved the budget request forms by consent, and Hightower said she would send them out to the historical societies this week. Those societies are expected to have their requests turned in to economic development by the second Tuesday of July when that committee meets.

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