• Charlene Sims, Journal staff

Health director concerned about operation of vaccine refrigerator

Updated: Oct 19

MOUND CITY – Linn County Health Department Director Missy Lancaster told the Linn County Commissioners on Monday, Sept. 26, that the refrigerator that the vaccines are kept in has not been working like it should.

Lancaster said they have been watching it to make sure that it keeps working but that Cobb Refrigeration has ordered regulator parts for the 9-year old refrigerator. She said the cost will be about $1,770.

Commissioner Rick James asked if that was the same refrigerator that had problems before and some vaccines were lost. Lancaster said it was the same one.

Lancaster reported that she had been to a hearing training last week and now the department can do hearing tests for children .

Lancaster gave the health department numbers for the past week. The department administered four COVID tests, 33 booster shots, 61 immunizations, and 15 had Women, Children and Infants (WIC) contacts.

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