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Jayhawk-Linn theater group presents a murder mystery

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

Undercover FBI agent Amy White (Danyka Pointer) checks for evidence on the latest murder victim in the Jayhawk-Linn play "The Bold and the Young and the Murdered" playing Friday evening and Saturday afternoon at the high school auditorium. (Photos by Roger Sims/Linn County Journal)

Bodies were dropping all over the soundstage for the soap opera “The Bold and the Young,” and everybody knows why: They are being murdered.

But for the cast of the daytime serial, they are facing another death if they don’t quickly meet the demand of the executive producer to complete another installment overnight – the cancellation of the long-running series.

With no time to spare and both actors and directors being knocked off one by one, the remaining cast is under the gun to not only find the murderer but to save their show.

That was the plot line behind the dark comedy “The Bold and the Young and the Murdered” produced last week by Jayhawk-Linn junior high and high school students on Friday and Saturday, May 19 and 20.

The cast members include, front row from left, Brody Clark, Aiden Stark, Emily Johnson, Lily Myers, Rilee Watts, Dallas Rios Edmondson; back row, MaLinda Henson, Sexton Croan, Hazel Vaughn, Ryanna Laderer, Danyka Pointer Bailie Wilson, Clark Uttinger, and Camden Wood.

The play by author Don Zolodis throws in more plot twists as well. A leading man hero with self-esteem issues, a cast of actresses that are described as being psychotic, and an evil old man who seems obsessed with soup.

Junior Danyka Pointer plays Amy White, an FBI agent who is so deep undercover that she learned most of her job on the internet. Pointer said that while Amy looks sweet, she is tough underneath.

She also said that, as an actor, she identifies with the FBI agent because she is given to sarcasm.

Morris Nyborg (Brody Clark) and Kaitlin (MaLinda Henson) discuss the next action to take after the show's director is murdered.

“I feel like I can see myself in her,” the junior said. “She’s very sarcastic, and I feel like I’m very sarcastic too.”

Sophomore Brody Clark plays Morris Nyborg, a character he believes shows a great deal of common sense. However, Nyborg has definite trust issues when it comes to the rest of the cast on “The Bold and the Young.”

“He’s cool, but he thinks everyone else is going to mess up,” said Clark, who is appearing in his second play.

Stage crew members include, from left, Marlyn Gandara Sanchez, Gabe Springer, Bettie Watts, and (not pictured) Gabriel Ross.

It is the Nyborg character who knows who the killer is, while the rest of the cast keeps on doubting the killer’s identity when common sense should tell them who it is, Clark said.

Other members of the cast and their parts were:

• Clark Uttinger as Sebastian Strong/Bill Wiley

• Aiden Stark as Valencio Di Carpathio/John Burke

• Emily Johnson as Mona Jeffries/Cybil Dane

• Rilee Watts and Lily Meyer as Jessica Silverstedt/Danielle Farris

• Camden Woods as Dr. William Bradley/Tyler Tripodo

• Bailie Wilson as Sequoia/Lily Baumgartner

• Sexton Croan as Oli

• MaLinda Henson as Kaitlin

• Hazel Vaughn as Keri

• Lily Meyer and Rilee Watts as Brooke

• Dallas Edmonson as Miles.

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