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La Cygne's Swan City Farmers Market to open on Friday

By Roger Sims, Journal staff

LA CYGNE – The La Cygne Library will be host to a weekly farmer’s market beginning this Friday evening from 4 to 7 p.m. in the library’s Swan Room in the south part of the building at 209 N. Broadway.

The Swan City Farmers Market will have several vendors on hand this Friday evening, and more are expected to join as the growing season progresses, according to Rena Tedrow, market organizer.

The establishment of the farmers market is a move by the library to add yet another service to those it already offers. And while it will help local vendors sell their goods, it is also seen as a move to provide fresh food, including meat, fruit, vegetables and eggs in an area that no longer has a grocery store.

Librarian Janet Reynolds said she hopes the market will help seniors in the area shop for food items they now have to travel to purchase.

The market is also expected to have a food truck or two parked on location for the evening. This week the food truck will be Doggone Dogs.

Tedrow said there is room for about 15 vendor tables inside the Swan Room, however, additional vendors could set up outside.

One of the advantages of the indoor market will become apparent on hot, sunny days or days when the skies are threatening. It will be cool and dry inside the library.

The initial lineup of vendors this week includes:

  • Castle Farms Fresh Meats – Farm to fork pork and other meat products

  • 1850 Farm - Jams, bourbon applesauce, apple butter, pear butter, lamb, lettuce and radishes all grown on their farm

  • Seven Bridges Microgreens – Microgreens (Arugula, broccoli, cabbage, Asian mustard, mizuna, spicy salad mix, pea shoots, sunflower shoots and radish). They will also have plants: 6 types of tomato plants, two types of table peppers, basil, rosemary, marigolds, zinnia, and aster).

  • Staats Acres - The 'Kraut Lady' sauerkraut, kombucha and eggs.

  • Mammoth Mouth - Freeze-dried candies and treats that are truly a taste sensation.

  • Three Roos and a Chick (Mammoth Mouth’s children) - eggs

  • Walnut Hill Farm – Fresh wholesale fruits and vegetables, bedding plants and fresh baked goods.

The market fee for a table for the season is $25, and vendors who want to only sell occasionally may be able to do that on a Friday by Friday basis. For more information, contact Tedrow by email:

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