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Mound City Library project enhances outdoor space

The new sidewalk installation east of the Mound City Library building connects benches to the sidewalk leading to the main door. (Photos by Regina Casner/Mound City Library)

MOUND CITY – The Mound City Library is in the process adding spaces and activities to its outdoor area east of the library building.

The additions include sidewalks that connect the park benches that have already been installed. The sidewalk connects the south sidewalk and all of the library’s outdoor furniture to the sidewalk next to the front door.

The sidewalk will allow for access for a stroller, walker, or even a wheel chair, according to library Director Regina Casner. The sidewalk work is being performed by local Mound City landscape company Dreamscape Innovations Inc.

The library also has a partial fence being built by Mosley Land & Construction of Pleasanton. The fence will partially enclose the space on the east side of the library building and allow the library to add other outdoor activities over time, she said.

Still to come is the installation of the first two outdoor musical instruments, available for all ages to play, said Casner. The cement and labor for the outdoor instruments were purchased with the grant from the John and Helen Barnes Foundation. More instruments will be added each year.

The all-weather instruments are similar to the ones installed on the La Cygne Library grounds last year. The instruments there – including those that are like chimes, xylophones and steel drums – have been popular with both children and adults.

Work has begun to install a partial fence around library grounds east of the building.

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