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Park manager to seek proposals on swimming area, lagoons

MOUND CITY – Linn County Park Director Sheri Loveland brought requests for proposals (RFPs) for approval to the Linn County Commission on Monday, Jan. 30.

Loveland explained that the first RFP was for an engineering firm to come in and go around with her to determine the best spot for a swimming area that considered safety measures and erosion control. This RFP also included the engineering recommendation for the parking lot area.

The second RFP was for desludging the sewer lagoons. She is checking with the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) to see if the lagoons have ever had the sludge removed.

The RFP is for a three-year program of maintenance of the cells.

The sewer system has three cells and KDHE has guidelines that say only one cell per season can be desludged. Loveland is also going to check with KDHE about an exemption to allow more than one cell to be desludged.

Public Works Director Shaun West told the commissioners that several years ago the system was strained under the load it was carrying then.

West said, “It is taxed to its limit at this point.” And he expressed concern when additional load is added to the system.

The commissioners approved both RFPs to be published.

Loveland told the commissioners that she was also taking bids from people who were interested in building boat slips at the lake. She said since the costs would be less than $25,000 she did not choose to do a RFP.

County Counselor Gary Thompson said for smaller jobs like that builders still need to be insured.

Commissioner Jim Johnson asked if the Internet service was in the cabins yet. Loveland said no she had not heard anything but needed to touch base with the Information Technology Director Chris Martin on this.

Martin came in later in the meeting and told commissioners that all buildings at the Linn County park were wired. However, because of a problem with the county’s bucket truck, the installation had not yet been completed.

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