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Parker egg hunt sends kids scrambling for candy, prizes

One-year-old Willow launches her decade-long Easter egg-hunting career at Parker on Saturday by depositing an egg in the basket. (Photos by Roger Sims/Linn County Journal)

About 60 children scampered through the woods in Parker's Heritage Park on Saturday scooping up plastic eggs full of candy or prizes. Of course, the Easter Bunny was on hand during the event for photo opportunities including selfies and family portraits.

The event was sponsored by the Parker Area Ladies' Society (PALS).

The older children charge off the starting line toward the eggs hidden in the grass.

Working quickly, Johnny flips an egg into his basket as he stoops down to pick up another.

For 5-year-old Megan, it was the quality of the hunt over the quantity of eggs she could gather. Clutching a stuffed friend and a colorful bag, she moved unhurriedly across the field.

Young Sophia gets some assistance from grandmother as she learns the ropes of gathering eggs.

Audrey Schuster poses as the Easter Bunny with Sophia, Akeelianna and Rynleigh.

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