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Parker Rural High alumni gather for annual reunion

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

The Parker Rural High School color (purple) and images of its mascot (the Panther) abound as alumni celebrate 64 graduating classes at Saturday's reunion. (Photos by Roger Sims/Linn County Journal)

By Roger Sims, Journal staff

PARKER – As many as 150 Parker Rural High School alumni gathered for their annual reunion on Saturday, April 29, at the Parker Elementary School.

Alumni from classes of 1945 to1969 were represented at the gathering. The last class from PRHS graduated in 1969, and in 1970 Prairie View High School opened its doors and Parker students joined students from La Cygne and Fontana there.

The opening remarks were given by Richard Chambers (1965), president of the alumni organization, followed by an invocation from Rev. Judy Creighton Brown (1960). Marilyn Hampton Rhoades (1963) called roll, Ivonne Clark gave a report from the Parker Historical Society, and Janice Cody Stahl (1958) gave the secretary’s report.

Jean Keitel Nickell (1946), left, and Rosalie Crisler Davis (1945) were the most senior of the alumni at the event.

Janice Cady Stahl (1958) gave the secretary’s report followed by a report by Janice Woolsey Long (1962) from the Genealogy Society. Steve Kinder (1965) gave the treasurer’s report.

Chambers oversaw the scholarship presentations to Kinley Baker of Parker, who will be a college sophomore this fall, and Dylan Nickelson of Blue Mound, who will be a college freshman. Jade Chambers of Centerville was also given a scholarship but was unable to attend the program.

Elizabeth Carothers Hubler represented the class of 1948.

A memorial service was conducted by Rolleen Hampton Stites (1968) and Connie Holderman Snyder (1968), and the program closed with the gathering singing the school song.

The banquet was catered by Sue Page and the staff at One Stop, and the meal was served by the Parker Thunderbirds 4-H Club.

Members of the PRHS class of 1958 included (front row from left) Joyce Page Maggard, Theron Millard, Janice Cady Stahl, (back row) Grace Bearly Carothers, Gerry Ross, Marion Stites, Lorna Gillespie Holloway, Robert Tyson, Shirley Byerly Sawyer, and Sharon Byerly Walters.

Members of the class of 1963 include (front row from left) Lorita Gross Longenecker, Marilyn Hampton Sheets-Rhoades, Marylou Brownback Kinder, Elaine Stites Schmidt, (back row) Gaylin Nickell, James Hampton, Donald Prentice, and Jimmy Thomas.

The class of 1968 was represented by (from left) Connie Holderman Snyder, Rolleen Hampton Stites, Monte Mahan, and Linda Boots Wilson.

Kinley Baker and Dylan Nickelson are two of three scholarship recipients honored during the program.

Members of the PRHS board include (from left) Al Kerr (1965), Rolleen Hampton Stites (1968), Treasurer Steve Kinder (1965), President Richard Chambers (1965), Vice President Marilyn Hampton Rhoades (1963), Connie Holderman Snyder (1968), Louise Desert Stites (1966), Secretary Janice Cady Stahl (1957). Members Janice Woolsey Long (1962) and Doris White Satchell (1957) were not available for the photo. (Submitted photo)

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