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Parker's move to condemn and reclaim street hits roadblock

One of several signs posted around Parker by Dan Gaikowski, owner of Recycling Services. Parker is seeking to open a one-block portion of South Walnut Street after Gaikowski bocked it off. (Journal file photo)

PARKER – The Parker City Council cancelled its regular meeting on Thursday, Feb. 9, because not enough council members would be available to have a quorum present. A special meeting has been scheduled for Thursday, Feb. 16 at 6 p.m.

When the council meets, they likely will be discussing the city’s next step in its dispute with metal salvage yard owner Dan Gaikowski. The council voted last year to take steps to condemn a 60-foot-wide and one block long swath of land that the owner of Recycling Services has claimed for his own.

The lot was part of South Walnut street until three years ago when Gaikowski challenged the ownership of the street and said the city never paid the original owners for the land.

The council hired one company to survey the lots affected last year, but that survey company withdrew from project following allegations that Gaikowski had been harassing the survey crew.

Last November, the city hired a second survey company, but on Wednesday, Feb. 8, Police Chief Craig Haley said that Gaikowski was not allowing surveyors access to the land he owns.

Haley said that he could not force access to Recycling Services without a court order.

In an email on Friday, Feb. 10, Parker City Attorney Burton Harding said, “At this point the plan is to seek some court enforcement to allow the surveyors on the property.”

The delay could be another stumbling block for a council that is already split on moving forward with the condemnation. At least one council member has voted against the pursuing condemnation because it has already cost the council at least $30,000.

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