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Pleasanton Egg Hunt draws hundreds for eggs full of prizes

Three-year-old Charlieanna poses with the Easter Bunny for a photo. (Photos by Roger Sims/Linn County Journal)

Hundreds of children, parents and grandparents gathered for the annual Pleasanton Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday, April 1. The hunt was complete with two candy cannons that shot extra goodies onto the high school football field.

About 8,500 plastic eggs were scattered around the field, filled with candy and in some cases a coupon for prizes.

Older children are off at the start, gathering as many eggs as they can scoop into baskets.

Mathew Young and Annie Young shoot off one of two candy cannons at the hunt.

Jackson keeps ahead of the pack, hurriedly putting eggs in his basket.

Kyler quickly fills her basket with eggs.

For young Cali, the plastic eggs were objects of wonder as she inspected each before handing them to her mother, Chloe Myrick, who held the basket.

Gathering eggs is just the start of the event. Zachary Wills and daughters Hazel and Serenity open the plastic eggs to harvest the candy and other prizes inside.

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