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Sapper The Christmas Tree

By Nathan Baird

In the quiet, lush pine forest of Pine City, sits a small pine named Sapper. Sapper was a bit different. He leaned to the right side, and he was much, much smaller than all the other pines. December is coming near, the time when the pines get cut down, and get decorated. To be decorated is every tree’s dream.

Christmas was right around the corner and the pine forest kept getting emptier every day. But Sapper just stayed there, slumped over, and sad. “Why do I look like this?” Sapper cried out. Sapper drooped and started to cry. The other tree, Pin, trying to comfort him, said “Don’t worry little dude, I’m sure somebody’s gonna take you home and dress you fancy!” . But that didn’t help. Sapper then decided to give up hope and he just sat there motionless. He couldn’t help the way he looked, it was the way he came into this world!

Later, Sapper felt something hit him in the back. “OW!” he said. Then he turned around and saw a bunch of kids having a snowball fight. Sapper watched and laughed while the kids played. All the kids laughing and playing finally made Sapper happy. Later, while the kids were taking a break, a kid with red mittens noticed Sapper. “Hey guys, check it out!” He exclaimed to the rest of the children. They all gathered around Sapper and gasped and looked at him. They then gathered up and started whispering to each other. Sapper tried to listen, but their whispers were too hard to hear with the cool, crisp, winter air blowing around them.

That night, Sapper was taken by a family, and Sapper was left all alone. In the morning, all the children came back with a bunch of boxes. They then pulled out a bunch of popsicle sticks, glue, and markers. They all sat down by Sapper and started gluing the popsicle sticks together. A few kids made snowflakes out of the popsicle sticks, and others wrote things on them. A few minutes later a bunch of snowflakes were laying on the ground. The kid with red mittens pulled out some bright red and green string out of a box. They began tying knots on the snowflakes and they all worked together to get the snowflakes hung up on Sapper’s dark green branches. They then went home for lunch, and promised they would be back. Sapper began to admire the little snowflakes and watched them hang and showed all the taller trees.

During the afternoon Sapper heard the familiar voices of the kids. But there were some different voices too. “More kids to help decorate?” Sapper thought. He was wrong. A bunch of adults walked down with plastic tote boxes and strands of sparkly lights. Some parents drove to the pine forest in trucks and brought supplies like ladders and snow shovels. The kid with the red mittens got in the bed of the truck. “We are going to decorate this tree, and we are going to make it be the town Christmas tree!” He announced “The mayor promised if we get the tree decorated, he will invite everyone and will light the christmas tree tonight” He yelled from the truck. There was clapping and hollering from everyone. The kid with the mittens brought his stereo and played christmas music

The parents pulled out real, bright colored, ornaments and carefully hung them on Sapper’s branches. Some kids grabbed the shovels and shoveled out a path for the tree lighting. Everyone was working hard, putting up the colorful ornaments, the sparkly lights, and shiny gold colored garland. Sapper admired all of the little ornaments and decorations. “Finally, it is time to put on the star!” announced the adults. The kid in the red mittens carefully climbed up the ladder and gently placed down the star. Everyone cheered and took pictures of Sapper. Sapper’s star made him feel like a king with a royal crown. All the other pines watched in amazement and were jealous. Some complained, Some bickered, and others said that they could not be any sicker. But Sapper stood tall with pride with his “crown”

At dusk, Sapper saw a big bunch of people, with the jolly mayor leading the front in his finest black suit. The whole town had come down to see Sapper. Some kids set up a stand with a piece of paper reading “Hot Chocolate-50 cents”Everyone got some hot chocolate and gathered around waiting for the lighting. Finally, when the first star appeared, They announced the lighting was starting. “Charlie, Come help me.” Said the mayor. The kid with the red mittens walked beside the mayor and handed him the plugs. “On the count of ten!” Announced the mayor. “10, 9, 8, 7…” The crowd yelled. Sapper couldn’t wait! He counted along. “3, 2, 1… MERRY CHRISTMAS!” Sapper and the crowd yelled in joy. Charlie and the mayor pushed the plugs at the same time. Sapper lit up like a star and everybody clapped and cheered.

After everyone went home the rest of the pines praised Sapper. “Hey Sapper, Sorry we were so mean to you. Look at you now!” Sapper noticed something. He felt taller. He looked at himself and now he was completely straight! Charlie came back with a sleeping bag and slept with Sapper. “Goodnight. Keep watch for Santa for me.” he said. Later that night a man in a red suit and bushy white beard. He had some magical deer on a sleigh. He dropped off some packages and flew past the moon.

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