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Staff asks commission to keep and grow health department

MOUND CITY – Linn County Health Department Administrator Missy LanCaster gave her weekly report to the Linn County Commission on Monday, March 20.

In a telephone conversation later, LanCaster reported that some of the health department staff asked that the commissioners keep the current health department staff and grow the health department and its services to Linn County residents.

The commissioners went into executive session individually with LanCaster, Amanda Snyder and Danielle Casey to discuss personnel concerns. No action was taken after the executive session.

LanCaster’s weekly activity report was 68 contacts. The written report showed:

• One adult health check

• One blood draw

• One blood pressure

• Five COVID cases routed to the state

• Two COVID tests

• One family planning contact

• Two followup/Outreach

• One home visit

• Two immunizations

• One jail outreach

• Three meetings

• 29 Phonings

• One Safe Sleep Class/Education

• One STI testing

• One Virtual Training

• Five virtual Webinars

• One Webinar

• Six women, infant, and children (WIC) contacts

• Two WIC Midcert

• One WIC Nutrition Education

• One WIC Recertification

LanCaster gave the commissioners information on the rate of kindergarteners vaccinated. She said the health department was trying to get the children in and caught up on immunizations after COVID.

She then gave the commissioners some ideas for approved expenditures for grants. It listed items that the health department needed and would like to purchase and which grants could be used for the purchases.

The last piece of information she gave the commissioners was on Senate Bill 6 that was approved by the Senate on a 22-18 vote in February and is now under consideration by the House.

According to LanCaster, the bill is not supported by health officials.

The bill would restrict the authority of the secretary of health and environment and local health officers to prevent the introduction and spread of infectious or contagious diseases, according to the state legislative website. It would also repeal the authority of the secretary to quarantine individuals and impose associated penalties.

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