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Summer school students put boat-building skills to the test

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

Teams of Pleasanton summer school students prepare their cardboard boat for the challenge of crossing the city swimming pool without sinking. (Photos by Sara Conley)

The challenge had been made to Pleasanton summer school students: Build a boat out of cardboard that can make a trip across the Pleasanton city swimming pool without sinking.

On Wednesday, June 28, the students had the chance to test the water-worthiness of their creations. The exercise was part of the school’s STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) curriculum for students in the fifth to eighth grades.

Emma Morris paddles her Viking-inspired craft across the pool. Her team would come in second place.

According to Pleasanton Junior/Senior High School principal Sara Conley, the students worked together in teams to build the boats. Two of the boats didn’t make it very far, sinking as soon as they were put in the water, but two of the boats successfully navigated the pool.

The boat race was one of the last activities for the students before the summer session ended. Pleasanton's summer program is designed to enhance student abilities and make learning fun.

Jaxx Bright and his team won first place in the contest.

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