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Commission approves 2022 budget adjustments

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

MOUND CITY – The Linn County Commissioners held a budget hearing on Tuesday, Dec. 27, to amend two of the county funds before the end of the year.

County Clerk David Lamb explained that the health department fund was being changed from $414,895 to $500,000. The change was necessary because of grant money being received and the additional expenses they had with the grants. Budgets must be large enough to cover all expenditures.

The second budget change was the capital improvement fund which was the construction fund for the justice center. It was changed from about $5.46 million to nearly $6.38 million.

Lamb said that this fund change was just a timing issue. When the budget was originally set, the county expected to pay out more for the construction of the justice center in 2021, but those costs were taken out in 2022. The cash was already there, he explained, it is just allowing for the expenditures the county had in 2022.

The commissioners approved the 2022 amended budget as presented.

Lamb said that amending the budget keeps the county from having any budget violations for the year.

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