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Demolition derby fans see two nights of action at fair

In a display of sportmanship, Zach Thies of La Cygne jumped out of his car to congratulate Britney Shaver of Lamar, Mo., after she won the compact car derby on Saturday night. (Photo by Roger Sims/Linn County Journal, photos below courtesy of Linn County Fair & Rodeo Facebook)

MOUND CITY – Two nights of engine-revving, fender-crunching fun kicked off the Linn County Fair and Rodeo again this year. A good size crowd was on hand both nights to see demo derby action.

Friday crowds saw the team demo derby, followed by modified cars and finally the figure-eight derby. Saturday night's lineup included compact cars, full-size cars and semi-stock contestants.

Here are the winners from both nights:


Team Demo Derby Winners: 1st Mike Oberly, Appleton City, Mo.; Jeremy Catron, Clinton, Mo. 2nd Wyatt Oberly, Cody Oberly, Appleton City, Mo. 3rd Nathan Sharp, Parker 4th Christoper Bownes, Anndi Bownes, Blue Mound

Modified Winners: 1st Logan Anderson, Pomona, Kan. 2nd Josh Blackmon, Parker 3rd Ebb Freeman, Mound City 4th Stephen Elam, Parker 5th Matt Byerley, Chanute 6th Cody Atkin, Spring Hill

Figure 8 Winners: 1st William Franklin, Fort Scott 2nd Madison Thies, La Cygne 3rd Reagan Huggins, Mound City 4th Jordan Sorrells, Nevada, Mo.


Compact Winners: 1st Britney Shaver, Lamar, Mo. 2nd Zach Thies, La Cygne 3rd Issy Snethen, Carthage, Mo. 4th Bart Ayers, Fort Scott Mad Dog Bart Ayers

Bone Stock Fullsize Winners: 1st BJ Switzer, Clinton, Mo. 2nd Johnathan Bowens, Blue Mound 3rd Keaton Cook, Clinton, Mo. 4th Wyatt Billiet, Centerville Mad Dog Jeff Chandler Garnett

Semi Stock Winners: 1st Kyle Gunter, Overbrook, Kan. 2nd Jason Nickell, Parker 3rd Eric McNeely, Clinton, Mo. 4th Garret Burk, Sparta, Mo. Mad Dog Travis Burk, Mound City

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