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Jayhawk choir and band perform in spring concert

Jayhawk flutist Jacen Taylor performs during the concert of the combined junior and senior high school band on March 5. (Photos by Roger Sims/Linn County Journal)

The combine Jayhawk-Linn Junior/Senior High School band and choir performed in the music department's spring concert on Tuesday, March 5, at the school auditorium.

The choir performed six songs, including "Didn't My Lord Deliver Daniel," "Loch Lomond," a French song "Je Le Vous Dirai!" (I'll Tell You What I Know), "Lunar Lullaby," and "Shine Like the Stars."

Band instrumentals included "Into the Clouds," "Celtic Air and Dance," "Arabian Dances," and "Starfire March."

Choir members included sopranos Jade Sublette, Tegan Harris, Ashlyn Lewis and Charlotte Oberdorf; altos Bettie Watts, Emmielou Rhodes, and Rilee Watts; tenors Ryland Summers and Aiden Stark; and Camden Wood and Cody Grant singing bass.

The soprano section of the combined choir punctuates "Starfire March" by snapping their fingers.

Band members included Lillian Meyer, Jade Sublette, Lily Casey, Jacen Taylor and Rachel Walton on the flute; Rachael Felix, Bettie Watts, and Cierra Lindsey of the clarinet with Cody Grant and Camden Wood on the bass clarinet; and percussionists Tyrus Chadwick, Charlotte Oberdorf, Lydia Schade, Brianne Seely, Rilee Watts, and Bailey Wilson.

The trumpet section includes Josiah Randall, Ryland Summers, Alieah Gills, Callie Holt, Tanner Holt, and Ashlyn Lewis; Ana Becerra and Aubrey Mayhugh play the alto saxophone with Marlyn Gandara-Sanches on the baritone sax. Aiden Stark and Gabriel Spinger play the euphorium, and trombonists include Nevaeh Hatfield and Bertha Becerra.

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