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Pleasanton Stars & Stripes celebrates Independence Day

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Molly Herring gave her wagon a patriotic make-over for the children's wagon event at Pleasanton's Stars & Stripes celebration on Saturday, June 29. (Photos by Roger Sims/Linn County Journal)

Pleasanton area residents braved a hot, steamy day to celebrate a day of freedom on Saturday, June 29. And while the heat may have kept away people away from afternoon events, those who showed up were enthusiastic.

Food and crafts vendors set up on Main Street for the event. Shortly after 3 p.m. the parade started down Main Street led by both city and county fire departments as well as Pleasanton police.

Linda Dudley served as grand marshal for the parade.

Grand marshal Linda Dudley came next in a pickup driven by Pleasanton Mayor Mathew Young. Her pickup stopped in front of the review stand, and Taylor Robinson sang the "Star Spangled Banner." What followed included a mix of four-wheelers, motorcycles, race cars and local candidates for office.

This float, sponsored by Seven Bridges Microgreens included an American flag fashioned out of chickwire and tissue, won second place.

The Herring family won the first place prize in the parade for a float with inflated caracatures of Uncle Sam and a patriotic eagle. Seven Bridges Microgreens took second place with a float with an American flag made of chicken wire with colored tissue paper tucked into the frame and trimmed. The Pleasanton High School cheerleaders and the P-Town Hustlers tied for third place.

The Herring family float received the first-place honors.

After the parade, the city fire department turned on the hoses to cool off the kids while many adults ventured into the Pleasanton Community Center to cool off and prepare for the community dinner.

As dark fell, the action moved to Stegge Lake west of the city for the fireworks show.

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