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Prairie View girls medal at state wrestling tournament

Updated: Mar 19

Senior Whitney Cox-Haliburton, center, on the medal podium after taking third place at the Class 1-4A Girls State Wrestling tournament on Saturday, Feb. 24 (Prairie View USD 362 Facebook page)

SALINA – Four Prairie View wrestlers, two boys and two girls, qualified for state wrestling tournaments at Salina on Feb. 22-24.

Both girls would bring home medals.

Senior Whitney Cox-Haliburton, with season record of 28 wins and nine losses, brought home a third-place medal at the state meet. She was runner-up in the 235-pound class at the regional meet in Columbus on Feb. 10.

Cox-Haliburton has qualified for state each year in her high school career, and Saturday was the third time she has medaled at state, according to head coach Walter Vandeventer.

Sophomore Shawna Case (24-12) won the fourth-place medal in her first trip to state to compete in the 155-pound class. She also was runner-up champion at the regional tourney.

This was the first time that Case competed at state. She competed as a freshman last year, but did not qualify at regionals.

Cox-Haliburton won her first two preliminary state rounds on decisions, but was pinned on the third round and was sent to the consolation bracket. From there, it was all Cox-Haliburton, and she took the next two rounds on decisions to win the third-place metal.

Sophomore Shawna Case, center, is on the medal stand after winning fourth place in the 155-pound class at the Class 1-4A State Girls Wrestling tournament. (Prairie View USD 362 Facebook page)

Case won her first round on a pin, but took a fall in the second to go to the bracket for third place. She won her next three matches on two pins and a decision to qualify for a shot at third place. However, she was pinned by her opponent in the final round and had to settle for fourth place.

For the Prairie View boys, sophomore Parker Schwarz competed in the 190-pound division and, senior Josh Goodwin competed in the 215-pound bracket in the Class 4A tournament.

Schwarz (29-12) won his first round on a decision, but was pinned in the second round, which put him in the consolation bracket. A loss on a fall in the third round ended his season. Schwarz was runner-up champion at the regional tourney in Independence on Feb. 17.

Goodwin (26-15) won his first match on a decision but lost his second-round match on a decision. He was pinned in the third round, which ended his run. Goodwin was also runner-up regional champion to qualify for the state tourney.

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