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Jack and the Farm Christmas

By Aaden Bevan

On a crisp winter day in 1897, a young boy named Jack sat harvesting carrots from the field. The thin orange carrots were then placed in a sack he carried in his free hand, not making it a free hand anymore. He was thinking about what he wanted for Christmas. He thought about the various toys and gadgets he desired and thought about what he would get for the other members of his family. Then it struck him. He had no money, and neither did his other members of his family.

Jack decided he needed another source of income. He thought to himself: “Stealing? No… maybe stabling? No…” There were many choices, but none of them seemed to fit. He soon got a ride into a nearby town called Browningsville. He immediately started to look for work.

There weren’t many people that worked here, most everyone was a farmer or a bandit, so there were many ‘help wanted’ signs. He decided to attempt to work at the town general store, owned by his father’s friend, Clint.

He got the job and immediately got to work, helping people get things from the high shelves, to dumping out the can next to the door filled with saliva. He was somehow able to fit in working AND farming without anybody in the family noticing.

After a few weeks, he was ready. He bought everybody in his family a few presents like toys for his little siblings, a new brush for his ma, and some cool collectors items for his pa. He felt satisfied with his work and was excited for Christmas.

Within a few days, The big day came. He put the presents neatly under the tree shortly before bed. They looked nice in the good paper wrapping with a hand tied bow.

That day, They opened their gifts. They were astonished how he could afford these. Later, everybody was having a good time with their gifts, and Jack learned a valuable lesson. Giving is the real joy of life. And possibly it’s meaning.

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